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Miller, Mattesen, Nelson, Pursley and the “Bone Crusher” Crush the Clash

Miller, Mattesen, Nelson, Pursley and the “Bone Crusher” Crush the Clash

Day number two at The fourth Annual Clash at the Creek at Mountain Creek Speedway didn’t disappoint. An overcast day kept the temperatures down but helped keep moisture in the track which made for perfect racing conditions. Fifty-five cars signed in the back gate for an attempt at a piece of the $1,100 in cash promoters, Adam and Rebecca Stewart were giving away on this fourth annual event.

John Marshall Pursley picked up his second win in a row and parked it in the Kelly Stewart, North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Victory Lane in the Cadet division to the tune of $100. Pursley started on the pole and led every lap of the 15 lap A-main. His closest challenger was Will Spencer will who could only pull within a car length to Pursley. Will would hang on for second place with Lily Ihrke third, Ellie Messer fourth and Cameron Hyler in a brand new ride finishing fifth.

Coming from a fourth position starting spot, Wyatt Miller in the LubeZone Truck Lube Center entry took the lead in the Beginner Box Stock main event with a pass in turn three on then leader, Wyatt Coffey. Miller would then swap the lead back-and-forth with Beckham Malone before finally getting the top spot but not without Malone hot on his tail all the way to the checkered flag. Wyatt Coffey finished third with Braxton Cade and Chase Johnston rounding out the top five. Miller’s $200 win was made all the more special as he was joined in victory lane by uncle and NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Defending champion Lou Mattesen dominated the Yamaha Stock 450 A-Main event and took home the $100 grand prize that went with it in the Kelly Stewart, North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Victory Lane. Madison would extend a seven second lead over opening night main event winner Nic Hatten well Sam Miller and Jordan Bergoli rounded out the rest of the field.

Kolson Nelson dominated the box stock main event taking home his second consecutive win and the $200 that went with it but the story was the battling going on behind him between Peyton Johnson driving substitute for an injured Karter Beattie. He would battle back-and-forth with Cole Thomas and Wyatt Miller who fell back deep in the field and worked their way up to finishing third and fourth. Wyatt Coffey finished fifth completing the top five.

$500 was on the line in the Clash at the Creek for the open division and it was the “bone crusher” himself, Colt Curry leading from the drop of the green. Caden Kvapil was one of the first drivers to make a bid for the lead but fell by the wayside with mechanical trouble. CJ Sweatt tried numerous attempts to pass the youngster but it was not to be as Curry stood in the Kelly Stewart, North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Victory Lane. Sweatt would have to settle for second, Matt Francis finished third with Stanly Stewart and Greg DeYarmon completing the top five.

The next race on the schedule for outlaw kart racing at Mountain Creek Speedway will be June 13th. The track will also be available for testing and practice days throughout the year. Those wishing to reserve rental or testing days can contact Jason Queen at (828)413-6890 for details and availability.

Contact information:
Mountain Creek Speedway
5237 Little Mountain Rd.
Catawba, NC 28609
Phone: 828-244-7249
Website: www.mountaincreekspeedway.com
email: info@mountaincreekspeedway.com

4th Annual Clash at the Creek Results

9p John Marshall Pursley
7s Spencer Will
11L Lilly Ihrke
11e Ellie Messer
27 Cameron Hyler
94 Carson Hammill
38w Jaxon Wallawender
9f Nolan For
89 Tucker Nash

Beginner Box Stock
73 Wyatt Miller
23 Beckham Malone
02 Wyatt Coffey
8 Braxton Cade
1c Chase Johnston
100 Reed Cregger
9 Chase DeMarco
14 Brody Measmer
6 Jackson Darnell
29 Calan Parks
18b Brexton Busch

Yamaha 450 Stock
1m Lou Mattesen
16 Nick Hatton
9m Sam Miller
7 Jordyn Bregoli
Box Stock
42 Kolson Nelson
7 Payton Johnson
26 Cole Thomas
73 Wyatt Miller
02 Wyatt Coffey
44 Zoey Smith
6 Blake Prall
29 Calan Parks
1a Addison Lowery
12 Hayden Mosso

777 Colt Currie
CJ Sweatt
16 Matt Francis
7 Stanly Stewart
4 Greg DeYarmon
35 Caden Kvapil
14 Tim Kuhn