2021 Flat Kart Rules



  1. The officials of the track;(race director, flagman, etc.), have the final say in all matters pertaining to the track spectators & drivers. No threatening talk or actions towards officials will be tolerated. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate removal from property with no second chances.
  1. No alcohol or drugs will be tolerated. Anyone on the property suspected of being under the influence by the officials will be removed from the property.
  1. Reckless driving will not be tolerated. If you intentionally cause a wreck or wreck someone else while racing under caution you will be parked. Multiple offences will result in indefinite suspension from property.
  1. The staging area between the pit area and the track is for karts, with one driver and one crew member per kart only. This is the area for pre race lineup and practice entry to the track. Never enter the track without the direction from a race official.
  1. To exit the track during a race or practice proceed to the infield of the track, stop, and wait at the designated area until track officials direct you to exit the track during caution.
  1. All drivers must obey flagman’s commands. Failure to do so will result in suspension from event. This is for your safety as well as other drivers.
  1. You must know these flag rules:

Green Flag. When the green flag is displayed the track is open for racing. The green flag signifies the start or restart of any race, qualifying, or practice. No passing before the green flag. Initial starts will double file. Restarts will be single file.

Yellow Flag and/or caution lights mean caution. When the yellow is displayed, slow down. Unless there is an immediate wreck or kart in the way do not over apply brakes, let off of the throttle and coast to a caution speed. We will not race back to the flag.

Red Flag. Stop on the track as soon and safely as possible. Do not drive through an accident. When the red flag is lifted we will be under caution and do not start until directed by the officials.

Black Flag. Proceed to the pit area via infield track exit procedures. See rule 5. You have been disqualified from the current race.

Blue Flag with yellow stripe means to move over the leaders are overtaking you and you are about to get lapped.

White Flag means one lap to go.

Checkered Flag means the race is finished

  1. Spectator’s must stay behind and off of the fence at all times. No one will allowed to enter the track except for drivers and their karts. If there is a caution, race officials will tend to the karts. If a crew member is needed for assistance with the kart do not proceed onto the track unless directed by a race official during a red flag condition.
  1. All children must be under constant supervision by a parent or guardian at all times. We are not a babysitting service. Failure to comply with this may result in expulsion from property.
  1. Event times and schedules are not set in stone. Rely on our social media page for information regarding practice time and races.
  1. In the event of a rainout no refunds will be given but keep armbands as a rain chack for a future event. Armband rain checks will be good only for the next event.
  1. Safety is our number one priority. Long hair must be tied up appropriately. Gloves, DOT full face approved helmet, and approved karting neck braces are mandatory. All Drivers must have jackets, long pants, and full coverage shoes. A race-suit is recommended, but not required.
  1. Winged karts drivers MUST have proper 5 point harness and approved neck restraint.
  1. All karts must be in good working order and must be approved by officials before entering track and have appropriate numbers. All weights must be painted white and double-nutted. Anyone knowingly operating a kart without brakes will be disqualified from the event. Engines must be equipped with approved mufflers as well as chain guards.
  1. No oil will be dumped on the ground. Please bring appropriate containers to keep used oil and take to the appropriate disposal facility.
  1. Long hair must be tied and contained within the helmet and/or driving suit at all times.
  1. Racecievers will be mandatory for all Kart Classes. This will be for Track to Driver only communication. Any team caught with radio communication from crew to driver will be disqualified.

Class Rules:

All LO206 classes must comply with L0206 rulebook. 6100 rpm coil……etc. Engine Protest rules will be in effect this year. $150 to protest full engine inspection, $50 to accept. $150 will go back to the engine owner if correct, and likewise to protest if the engine is wrong with $50 to go to the tech official. Simple Carb Check protest fee will be $25 to tech officials. 4 kart minimum to race in all classes.


Fuel Tech for All Briggs LO206 Classes Only

Fuel: Only store bought pump petroleum based gasoline as defined by American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) is permitted. Premium gasoline no greater than 94 octane sold at a normal roadside fuel station open to the public.

Fuel Cooling Devices: Fueling cooling devices of any kind are not permitted on the kart at any time. Relocation of fuel pump is legal as long as it is spaced to less than ¾ inch off the control plate.

Laboratory Testing: Mountain Creek has the ability to conduct laboratory analysis of fuels. Samples for lab analysis may be taken from a competitor’s fuel tank at any time at the discretion of Mountain Creek Technical Inspector. Any competitor can protest another competitor during any stage (practice/qualifying, heat race, and race) of the race day. $120 to protest and $120 to accept protest.

The specific elements which will be searched for include: propylene oxide, alcohols (all types) aldehydes, aminodiphenyl, benzene (in excess of EPA limit), benzidine, beryllium compounds, bromine compounds, butadienes, chlorinated compounds, chromates, dioxanes, ethyl acrylate, ethylene oxide, hydrazine compounds, methylene dianailine, naphthylamine, nitrogen compounds (nittromethane, et al.), styenes, toluidine, and xylidine. Also added to the list will be substances deemed to exceed the Threshold Limit Values (TLV) or Biological Exposure Indices (BEI) as listed by the American Conferences of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

Penalty for Fuel Tech violations – Any competitor (driver and/or owner) caught using any of the illegal fuel additives as previously mentioned may be subject to a suspension, fine, and cost of fuel test(s).

Penalties will be –

1st offense    $500

2nd offense   $1000 and 2 race suspension

3rd offense    Suspended Indefinitely

All LO206 Kart Classes will be Running Hoosier D10 No Prep Tires

Tires may not be prepped, cut or sanded. Random sampling will be done periodically to ensure compliance. Tires used in practice/qualifying must be used for the full event. Washing is prohibited until the end of the night. No soap will be allowed. Any team violating tire rules will be disqualified for the event and may be subject to a $500 first penalty, $1000 second time penalty and so on.

Tire Protest Rules: A Team must be in the Top 5 to protest. $175 Protest fee and $100 to accept. Winner of the protest will receive back $175. The Protester will designate which tire to tech.  The track reserves a right to Protest a tire at any time.

  • Cadet 206:  Age 5-8.  Weight 230 lbs.  LO206 rules apply.  Must run Purple Slide (0.342).
  • Junior 206 Lite:  Ages 8-12.  Weight 260 lbs.  LO206 rules apply.  Must run Blue Slide (0.520).
  • Junior 206:  Ages 12-16.  Weight 290 lbs.  Briggs LO206 rules apply. Must run Yellow Slide (0.570).
  • Senior 206 Medium  Ages 16+  Weight 360 lbs.  Briggs LO206 rules apply.
  • Senior 206 Heavy  Ages 16+  Weight 390 lbs.  Briggs LO206 rules apply.
  • Senior 206 Sumo  Ages 16+  Weight 430 lbs.  200lb driver Minimum.  Briggs LO206 rules apply
  • Stock Appearing:  Ages 18+  Weight 350 lbs.  Clone, Predator, Biggs Flathead. Mufflers are required and all baffles intact. Can run a modified muffler. Must appear stock from 25 feet. Open Tire Rule.
  • Predator:  Ages 16+  Weight 375 lbs.  Must appear stock from visual inspection from 5 feet. Claim rule $140. All engine claims will be made at conclusion of the race in the tech area. Only a driver in the race can make an engine claim. Claim must be made to the tech official immediately following the race. No claims can be made after karts are dismissed from the tech area. Open tire rule.
  • Champ Buggy:  Ages 14+  Weight 425 lbs.  NKA Clone engine rules apply. Open tire rule.