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2021 Mountain Creek Speedway Race Schedule

2021 Mountain Creek Speedway Race Schedule.

A Saturday and Sunday schedule will highlight the 2021 season of racing at Mountain Creek Speedway. After quite a few discussions, track owners and promoters Adam and Rebecca Stewart have scheduled twenty dates bookending ten weekends of racing at the speedway by the creek with flat kart racing on Saturday and outlaw kart races on Sundays. 

“We wanted to move the shows along on the nights we race. We felt running separate nights for separate classes works best” said owner and promoter, Adam Stewart. The 2021 season begins Saturday March, 20th with flat karts and Sunday March 21st with outlaw kart racing. The 2021 season will also be highlighted by Mountain Creek Speedway’s premiere event, The Clash At The Creek taking place May 16th

The track will also be available for testing and practice days throughout the year. Those wishing to reserve rental or testing days can contact Jason Queen at (828)413-6890 for details and availability.

March 20th- Flat Karts

March 21st- Outlaw karts

April 10th- Flat Karts

April 11th- Outlaw Karts

April 17th- Flat Karts RAIN DATE

April 18th- Outlaw Karts RAIN DATE

May 1st- Flat Karts 

May 2nd- Outlaw Karts

May 15th- Flat Karts

May 16th- Outlaw Karts- CLASH AT THE CREEK

June 12th- Flat Karts

June 13th- Outlaw Karts-

June 19th- Flat Karts

June 20th- Outlaw Karts

July 10th Flat Karts

July 11th Outlaw Karts

Aug 7th- Flat Karts

Aug 8th- Outlaw Karts

Aug 28th- Flat Karts

Aug 29th- Outlaw Karts 

Sept 11th- Flat Karts 

Sept 12th- Outlaw Karts

Sept 25th- Flat Karts RAIN DATE

Sept 26th- Outlaw Karts RAIN DATE

Oct 9th- Flat Karts

Oct 10th- Outlaw Karts

Oct 16th- Flat Karts RAIN DATE

Oct 17th- Outlaw Karts RAIN DATE